The Villa Hermosa, Costa Rica

We do not have "regular" addresses here and we do not receive postal service so where we live is more of a description than what most are used to...welcome to the adventure!  Because we are not located in town we highly suggest you have a rental car if you are looking at staying here at the Villa Hermosa.

Please note we are located outside of town on a dirt road that is "typical" in Costa Rica which means gravel & dirt aka "unpaved".  There are two different ways to reach us, one is a "shortcut" if you're coming from the San Jose area which is coming through Monterrey and you'd drive on a dirt road for @5 minutes.  The other way is coming through La Fortuna which most people opt for as there are many choices of restaurants, big grocery stores, etc.  This will take you on a dirt road for @15 minutes and take you by The Springs Resort & Spa.  To see the kind of roads we have to/from the Villa Hermosa, go to our YOU TUBE channel.

Our descriptive address is:
300 meters Oeste de Super Kike, Alto Monterrey de La Fortuna, San Carlos de Alajeula, Costa Rica
Our GPS coordinates are N10°32.164 and W84°39.798. We are in the San Carlos region between highway 4 and 35/142. Our elevation is 1,483 feet (452 meters) and the impressive Volcano Arenal reaches 5,437 feet (1,657 meters) just 7 kilometers from us. 

Please note that since we are a small private rental, many taxis do not know this location.  We therefore suggest that if you arrive by bus or shuttle that you print out the map which shows our location and give it to the taxi.  If you have a GPS it is best to program it for THE SPRINGS RESORT & SPA and then follow the directions we send you.  Please note that the GPS will always tell you the "shorter" road but it's not always the best so make sure to print out the directions we send you.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us...we're happy to help!

Directions to the Villa Hermosa through Fortuna
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If we can help you with any directions or transportation, please don't hesitate to contact us...we're here to help you make your vacation easy & stress free!
The main international airport is San Jose's San Juan International Airport (SJO) which is actually located in the city of Alejuela.  We are located in the North by La Fortuna. and it takes approximately 3 hours to drive here from the airport.  There is also the Daniel Oduber Quiros aka Liberia airport (LIR) which is located in the North West of Costa Rica and takes about 4 hours to get to the Villa Hermosa.

If you decide not to rent a car, we can arrange for a private car to meet you at the airport or make a reservation for a shared air conditioned bus to La Fortuna.  Please contact us for prices & availability.
Nature Air or Sansa have flights to Fortuna/El Tanque/Arenal airport and we will be happy to pick you up. It is only a 20 minute drive from the airport to the Villa and from San Jose's Pavas airport the flight is only about 20 minutes instead of 3 hours by car.  The downside of flying domestically is that they usually only have one flight per day and their luggage allowance is very small/light.  Check the Nature Air or Sansa websites for more details.

Trying to decide if driving in Costa Rica is right for you???  Check out these Driving Tips we put together for you:  Driving Tips for CR
If you decide to rent a car you can rent one at the International Airport (all major companies have lots at both SJO and LIR) or when you arrive at the domestic airport you would take a taxi to Alamo or Mapache which are the two companies located in La Fortuna.  It is best to rent a 4x4 because many of the roads here are dirt and the clearance a 4x4 provides is very useful, also, after a couple of days of rain those same dirt roads can get quite muddy!

We highly recommend that you rent a GPS from the rental car agency the signs here are almost non-existent, especially when you get outside of the city.  If you rent a GPS, program it to the hotel called Montana de Fuego or The Springs Resort & Spa in La Fortuna and then follow our maps from there.  If you have your own GPS please note it will not work here unless you buy Costa Rica Maps (which is more costly than renting a GPS for $7-$10 per day).  Lastly, we recommend you bring some of your favorite CDs as the radio stations here can be few and far between.

This route takes you through San Ramon-La Tigra-Chachagua-El Tanque & finally La Fortuna.  This route has less truck traffic and is faster than going through Ciudad Quesada. Head towards San Ramon on Hwy 1. Travel through San Ramon city following the volcano signs.  Allow 3 hours to get here.  We have more detailed directions for this route so please ask & we'll be happy to send them to you!

The easiest way to get here is to head for La Fortuna (which is a great place to stop and grab a bite to eat).  You'll see signs for Fortuna or La Fortuna and also brown signs with a volcano symbol on it and a marker in kilometers...those things will let you know you're going the right way!

Make sure you print & bring with you the map above that has the Villa Hermosa marked with thick black lines for the roads.  Follow the road in La Fortuna towards the Volcano National Park.  You'll pass by the Volcano Lodge and then a little further on is the Arenal Paraiso Resort.  After the Arenal Paraiso look for signs that say The Springs Resort with arrows to the right.  You take a right off the paved highway onto a dirt road.  (If you see Montana de Fuego you've missed the turn-off so turn around). 

Continue on the dirt road towards the signs to The Springs.  Once you see The Springs you're almost here!  Continue on the road until it ends in a "T" and take a right.  We are 3.5KM from this turn so follow the road about look for a yellow TOUCAN XING sign.  As soon as you see that sign on your left, look to the right and you'll see a black wrought iron gate with the name VILLA HERMOSA across the top flanked by two large stone pillars.  If it's night-time we'll have two big lights on the front of the gate so you'll be able to find us easily.