The Villa Hermosa, Costa Rica

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Many people ask about bringing items to Costa Rica for donations so we've put together this page to help you with that information. The Villa Hermosa is happy to announce we are a proud member of the Pack for a Purpose program!  This is a great organization that helps people all over the world to make a difference and we're happy to be a part of that! 

Below are
"wish lists" from the local organizations that we've been working with.  Anything you can fit into your luggage and bring with you makes a difference!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Maleku Indigenous Tribe, Northern/Central Costa Rica

The Maleku tribe is the only indigenous indian tribe in the area around La Fortuna by San Rafael de Guatuso (@30 minutes outside of La Fortuna).  The Maleku do tours to show people their way of living and rely heavily on living off the land to feed themselves.  To provide money for the family, many Maleku's have learned how to do beautiful artwork that is sold on the reserve, to shops in La Fortuna and at a Rancho off Highway 4 on the way to Rio Celeste.  All of the artwork has the names of the animals (for example) in the Maleku language to help keep that idioma alive.  The tours showcase the traditional huts, ways of living, traditions of the Maleku as well.  

At this time there are about 1,500 Malekus in this area and donations of items or doing a tour with them are very much appreciated.  We are happy to help you to visit these amazing people as English is not understood on the reservation.  Maleku Website

La Fortuna Orphanage

This amazingly beautiful orphanage in La Fortuna is hard to find (and for a reason) as it's where children are taken from bad homes and kept until they can find them a more permanent home in another orphanage.  This place is truly magical as you can see by the photos.  With the bright colors and cheerfully decorated areas, it just makes your heart smile walking through this place!  They have a full time psychologist on staff and wonderful employees that give these kids the love & attention they desperately need!

You can also arrange to help (as you see a volunteer doing in the photo to the right).  People volunteer to paint murals, paint walls, plant flowers, spend time with the children, play games, etc.  Note that ALL trips to the Orphanage must be pre-arranged and pre-approved by the director.
Note:  Nobody speaks English at this orphanage.

Maleku Indigenous Tribe
La Fortuna Orphanage